Naturally occurring pollutants affecting water quality in India and neighbouring regions" and their health effects. Salinity, fluoride, arsenic, radioactive nuclide, heavy metals and some other geogenic chemicals contaminate our water resources with or without human intervention. With increased population growth, land use changes, rapid urbanization, excess groundwater extraction and warming climate, the impacts of these geogenic pollutants on water quality and health are a cause of serious concern.

Various technologies developed from time to time, have not been sustainable and a need for newer, simpler and societally acceptable technologies has been strongly felt. The need for integrated action involving contributions from scientists, technologists, medical doctors, educationists, social activists and village representatives, and state and central governments has become evident toaddress the health problems arising from geogenic pollutants.

Tackling geogenic pollutants in the country requires systematic research and capacity building.
The goal of the Water Quality Initiative is to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of geogenic contaminants that affect water quality in India
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the health impact of these contaminants on human life and biodiversity
  • Develop an assessment of solutions that are currently implemented
  • Identify a feasible set of solutions (technological and social) using a multi-stakeholder and multi-criteria analysis framework
  • Develop pilot programs to implement these solutions and monitor and assess the implementation using impact analysis
  • Develop capacity development programs