Co-Design and Co-Production Process

An interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and collaborative partnership among scientists and practitioners to understand, assess and manage water risks and vulnerabilities

Using Systems Approach

An approach that identifies the root cause of problems at local levels and helps in understanding interactions between hydrology, biogeochemical processes, Infrastructure, and human dimensions of water-related problems. As several problems are interconnected, identifying root-causes of the problems through systems-based approaches will help to reduce the costs of solving water-related problems at local levels.

Authoritative, Standardized and Relevant

Comprehensive near real time water diagnosis through an integrated an problem and solution assessment

State of the art science and technology

Brings together recent scientific and technological advances to address emerging water scarcity and pollution problem. Supports evidence based decisionmaking through intelligent use of big data to monitor behavioral change and societal learning.

Tangible Products

Expertise and evidence driven peer reviewed training materials, online solutions and published works

Business Relevance

Identifies opportunities for private sector investments in sustainable water development and management of Bangalore through scenario and risk analysis using machine learning algorithms that define the development path of Bangalore in Future.

Policy Relevance

Supports water policy implementation of Bangalore and helps in its sustainable urban infrastructure design


Solutions are constantly updated in near real time over multiple time scales