The Water Solutions Lab will assess the solutions and problems simultaneously in an integrated and coordinated manner as illustrated in the figure below.

What is Water Solutions Lab?

Water Solutions Lab is a collaborative body that facilitates the process of innovation in water-related issues of Bengaluru by strongly connecting problem with solutions, knowledge generators and knowledge implementers.

Why do we need a Solutions Lab?

It offers a comprehensive water system diagnostic and brings forward custom-made innovative solutions through a combination of advanced scientific knowledge, multi-stakeholder involvement, multi-criteria analysis and digital information technology to address emerging water challenges in the city of Bengaluru.

Problems of high leakages, destruction of local water bodies, non-regulation of groundwater pumping, an inadequate and malfunctioning wastewater treatment network, and poorly designed pricing are rooted in multiple disconnects: mismatched goals, fragmented thinking, lack of participatory governance, and poor science-policy linkages. Consequently, actions are carried out in silos without holistically understanding interactions and tradeoffs with other systems.

Bengaluru Water Solutions Lab will help overcome these barriers and establish a framework to facilitate the process of innovation in water-related through an integrated problem and solution assessment embedded in a system of co-production of knowledge involving scientists and all stakeholders in order to develop a 'knowledge-to-concrete action' and identify viable solutions.

Water Solutions Lab Approach