Andras Szollosi-Nagy

Chair of the Planning Committe for Sustainable Water Future Programme

 Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies Koszeg (IASK)

Daphne Keilmann-Gondhalekar

Research Scientist at Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering

Technical University of Munich Germany

David Hamilton

Deputy Director in the Australian Rivers Institute

Griffith University Brisbane

Steve Kenway

Associate Professor

School of Chemical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Information Technology University of Queensland

Martina Florke

Leads Global and Regional Dynamics (GRID) research group on Water at the Center for Environmental Systems Research

University of Kassel

Balazs Fekete

Assistant Professor

Grove School of Engineering The City College of New York

Anik Bhaduri


Water Future


Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development,ATREE

Sharachchandra Lele

Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Policy & Governance

Centre for Environment & Development at ATREE, Bangalore.